Find Us


Hobart & Suburbs

  • Eumarrah Wholefoods, West Hobart
  • Fox Friday Brewery, Hobart
  • Vanidols, South Hobart
  • Annapurna Restaurant, North Hobart
  • Peacock Theatre, Salamanca
  • Pigeon Hole Cafe, West Hobart

Channel & Huon

  • Ye Olde Oyster Cove Fruit & Veg Store
  • Meredith’s Orchard, Margate 
  • Peppermint Bay, Woodbridge

Further Around Tasmania

  • Seven Sheds Brewery, Railton
  • Westaway Raspberry Farm, Westerway
  • Tasmanian Gingerbread Shop, Richmond

Salamanca Market (our cellar door)

Every Saturday 8am-3pm

Find our stall opposite St Davids Park, Davey st end, site 78


Outside Tasmania

Currently we do not wholesale to Mainland Australia, but we can post cases directly to you!


(Our brewery is not open for public tastings or tours at the present time)