Our Drinks

Our drinks are very gingery, very fruity and some are spicy. Our flavours are wide and varied. Take your pick.

Gluten & Preservative Free -Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly - Nothing Artificial - Low Sugar- Brewed & Unfiltered

Alcoholic Drinks

Local Mule

Smooth and very gingery alcoholic ginger beer. Refreshingly fresh and real.

330ml – ABV 4.5%

Spicy Mule

Full flavoured and feisty alcoholic ginger chilli beer.Full bodied, spicy and moreish!

330ml – ABV 4.5%

Galaxy Ginger Beer - Alc

Tasmanian Galaxy hopped ginger beer. Strong, delicious, complex and a touch bitter

330ml – ABV 4.5%

Dark and Stormy

Broody blend of dark rum and strong, spiced ginger beer. Smooth, cloudy and delicious!

330ml – ABV  5%

Gin, Tang & Spice

Tangy blend of McHenry Distillery London Dry Gin, Lime Juice and a hint of chilli. Very refreshing and tart with perfectly balanced spice on the finish.

330ml – ABV 4.5%

Red Devil

Tassie raspberry juice blended with McHenry Distillery Triple Distilled Vodka and a tweak of chilli. Fresh, luscious and not too sweet

330ml – ABV 4.5%


Ginger Beer

All- natural, traditonally brewed non-alcoholic Ginger Beer. Smooth, full-flavoured and very gingery!

Ginger Chilli Beer

Ginger beer with a chilli kick! All-natural and feisty!

Lime Sparkling

A tangy, refreshing and very limey citrus drink with a hint of chilli

Raspberry Sparkling

A luscious and ripe Tasmanian raspberry juice drink, with just a hint of chilli. Very fresh and not too sweet.

Blackcurrant Sparkling

Vibrant and tangy ripe Tassie blackcurrant juice drink

Raspberry & Blackberry Sparkling

A ripe and luscious, sparkling blend of Tasmanian  Raspberry and Blackberry juice.

Galaxy Ginger Beer - NonAlc

A Galaxy hopped ginger beer, deliciously complex and a touch bitter

Ginger Beer with Leatherwood Honey

Full-flavoured ginger beer brewed with  Tasmanian Leatherwood honey. Lightly floral and indulgent.